EatSmart高精度數字浴室秤 – 不買賬!

重量大師數字人體脂肪秤 – 價格實惠質量評審
重量大師數字人體脂肪秤 – 價格實惠質量評審
重量大師有一個漂亮的網站, 但他們的數字人體脂肪秤還疊起? 我們認為這樣. 範圍:...
GoWISE USA超薄數碼秤 – 明智的選擇?  回顧 2015
GoWISE USA超薄數碼秤 – 明智的選擇? 回顧 2015
該GoWISE USA超薄數字刻度進行測量,喜歡它的更昂貴的同行, 但同樣的價格標籤為...
Ozeri ZB19-W級 – 好看, 但是否交付?
Ozeri ZB19-W級 – 好看, 但是否交付?
該Ozeri ZB19-W尺度特徵一個偉大的機電重量撥號, 把你的體重測量,看看針顯示器...

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  • Rie 說:

    This isn’t true with my scale. It works great. The customer service is second-to-none also. I had to replace mine back when it malfunctioned after having it for about nine months they replaced it no questions asked and didn’t even have me send my old scales back to them. In spite of your review, I believe that I will remain loyal to this brand.


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