Top 5 Things-To-Know Before Buying Your Digital Weight Scale

Want to know what to look for when buying your digital weight scale? We want to share with you our 5 keys to buying digital scales so you can find your perfect body weight scales.

Our team of experts have tested a large number of really good body weight scales and rated them against each other – we know what to look out for (and what to avoid) and we standardize all testing by using the same set of metrics time and again.

Setting Yourself Up To Succeed By Measuring Your Progress

As we discover more about health in general, we find good clues in the relationship between our health status and our weight.

We already know that when you start eating healthier and exercising, then getting healthier is quicker and longer sustained if your are also monitoring your weight and health factors closely.

The most important part of monitoring our weight, is having an accurate and well made set of bathroom scales. Choosing the right digital bathroom scale is not quite that easy though. With so many different types of scales available on the market today its difficult choosing just one.

Some have extra features so you can be monitoring more than just your body weight. They can assess your overall body makeup, including water weight and muscle weight. Some can even keep a record of your health stats so you can look at your progress and see when you hit key goals. Others are just a good old fashioned scale.

For Most People, The Choice Is Clear Between Digital and Analog

For some people, the best bathroom scale, may still be the classic analog style. They are generally very safe for you to use. You can easily set it to zero before use with a small gear, and as long as the springs keep working, your scale will work ok.

These analog scales, however, are actually becoming almost obsolete these days. Digital models have taken over the market. The analog models don’t have as wide a range for measurement, or the capabilities (and often accuracy) that their digital competitors have.

For you to choose the best digital bathroom scale, think about your needs and your budget, we’ve found that most people prefer digital, but this is not always the case.

Factors In Choosing Your Digital Scale

The first thing to consider is what you’d like your digital weight scale to do for you.

  • Do you want to just look at your weight?
  • Or are your goals to build muscle, or lose more fat?
  • Are you worried about your overall health?
  • And would like to have a way of keeping an eye on the way your body is progressing with time?

Another thing to think about is the number of people who are going to be using the body weight scale and their individual concerns. Some digital scales have built-in or transferable memories for multiple users to store and track their progress. All these factors will determine the type of scale you’ll need.

The Top 5 Things-To-Know Before Buying Your Digital Weight Scale

One thing is for sure, the things you can expect from a scale these days go way beyond your old 90s bathroom set. Today’s scales are made more to monitor your health than just your overall body mass.

You can now program your age, height, gender, and activity level in your scale and it can estimate your metabolic age and even advise you on calorie intake. Digital scales these days can also show you how your mass is spread between bone mass and muscle mass as well as body fat and visceral fat.

In essence, scales today go far beyond measuring just your BMI, to establish your health. And, for most scales both measurements in pounds and kilograms are available and some still have measurements in stone (but these are harder to come across).


You might like to measure daily, or even take a measurement pre and post work-out – so accuracy and reliability is key. And it’s good to know that the scales with all these monitoring capabilities suit people who want a general understanding of their body.

But, if you’re a professional athlete or a body builder and you regularly measure your body fat and muscle weight by visiting health centres, then the at home scale accuracy might be an issue. Studies have sometimes shown that the monitoring features of different scales show differences in accuracy.

However, you’d be surprised because an increase in price spent on a set of scales does not always show an increase in accuracy. As technology and manufacturing improves, we’ve found that some more budget digital scales have excellent accuracy.


Some of us don’t want to spend a fortune on digital weight scales. If you are on a budget and you’d like a less expensive product, you might go for a more simple model. Added features can dramatically increase the price of your scale.

If accuracy of the body mass, and the bone mass are important to you, you could opt for a medical scale. Medical scales are slightly more pricey than simple modles and are not designed with aesthetics or transportability in mind. But despite that, if you are looking for value and bone mass is an issue, they are the most accurate scales out there. They could just be the best digital bathroom scale for you.


If you have on of those homes with a designer coordinated interior, or you just plain like looking at beautiful things, then the way your digital scales look could be an issue

Many of us leave our scales out for easy measurements and our visitors to see, our scale can be ‘furniture’ in your bathroom. That’s where good design and color choice factors in.

. All of our reviews clearly display a picture of the scales we are talking about. So you won’t get caught buying an ugly set.


Straining to read the numbers displayed way down at your feet is plain frustrating. If you have poor eyesight, the digital bathroom scale that talks to you could be scales for you. They actually announce your weight as well as displaying it.

Many of the talking scales now have different language options available such as Spanish, French, and most other European languages.

And if you are self conscious about your weight and don’t want to risk your stats being broadcast throughout your home, there are also scales with very large display numbers, or easy to see back-lit displays.

Remember that some types of body weight scales that can keep a journal of your weight, also can show you what the recorded weight was after you get off the scale so you can have a closer look.


There is no point in measuring that hard earned weight loss if your scales don’t cater to your starting weight. If you are overweight, you might want to look for a scale that has a wider range. Many scales go up to 300 lbs with some topping out in the mid 400 lb range.

If you are concerned about battery use, you can choose a scale that is solar powered or has a plug adapter. These scales have small solar cells that allows them to charge and recharge without the need of changing their batteries. And if you are sentimental, or just need something to weigh yourself and don’t care about other features, you can get an analog one. These are cheap, less than $10 scales that many believe to be more accurate than the digital models.

Finding the right Digital Weight Scale For You

Be sure to read through our reviews, we have taken considerable time in testing each and every unit and hope you find exactly the body weight digital weight scales you are looking for.