Ozeri ZB19-W Scale – Good Looking, But Does it Deliver?

Ozeri ZB19-W Scale – Good Looking, But Does it Deliver?

The Ozeri ZB19-W Scale features a great looking Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial, take your weight measurement and see the needle display your current weight. But are all those good looks just for show or is the Ozeri Scale a quality digital scale?

  • Range: 0 – 400 Pounds (0 – 180Kg)
  • Stated Accuracy: 0.2 lb or .1 Kg
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Measures in Pounds (LB) and Kilograms (Kg)
  • Available in white or black

Ozeri ZB19-W Rev Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Fashion trends come in cycles and the retro theme is certainly one which is hugely popular, the design of the Ozeri ZB19-W electro-mechanical weight dial fits right in blending the old with the new to produce an attractive looking piece. But are it’s great looks matched by solid readings? We think not.

The Good

This piece of machinery perfectly marries the look of old-style chic with slick modern lines and digital technology. If it’s a retro themed space you have at home, then the OzeriZB19-W digital bathroom scale for you to complete the look. The Ozeri dial and digital display is as clear and easy to read as they come, the illumination and bold features make it possibly to read off your weight even without your glasses on. Another great feature if you are within hearing distance is the built in reminder alarm to measure your weight at the same time every day.

The Bad

The manufacturer instructions specify not to use this digital scale in high humidy, and you wouldn’t want to have wet feet on the platform because it would become dangerously slippery so forget displaying it in your bathroom. Humidity and steam can mess with the electronics and we think they ought to mention this in their advertising because the bathroom is a popular place to have bathroom scales, right? Far into our test period, the digital readout and the dial reading began to differ by up to 5 pounds – not exactly accurate if you are looking for long term weight management. Although the ZB19-W gives consistent readings of your changes in weight from using either the digital display or the dial reading, we believe this simply isn’t good enough. The dial isn’t mechanical and doesn’t work without batteries so the readings should be the same, we don’t know what is going on internally to create this error but it seemed to get worse the more times the scale was used. We also found that after moving the Ozeri ZB19-W scale on the floor from one place to another, the first reading was always inaccurate. To recalibrate you must pick it up and place it down a second time so, this is not the scale for you unless you can have it consistently out ready for use in the same spot or are prepared to take two readings with every use.



The Ozeri ZB19-W is not the type of bathroom scale you want if you like to permanently display your scale in the bathroom or you like to store it in a cupboard and bring it out every morning during your rush to work. We love the way it looks, the design is both contemporary and retro, this is the type of digital scale that ought to be out on display for all to see – just not in your bathroom. The exceptional digital and dial 5.5 inch display makes for easy readouts without squinting, but what is the point if the readings differ between the dial and digital display? We believe that although the manufacturer has hit the mark in terms of aesthetic design, they have hugely compromised functional design and importantly accuracy.

Ozeri ZB19-W Rev Digital Bathroom Scale




Ease of Use







  • Retro Aesthetics
  • Easy to Read Display


  • Inaccuracy
  • Low Humidity Only
  • No Features

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